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Welcome to the Institute for Suicide and Homicide Prevention (ISHP). An extension of the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) and Compassion Center dedicated to reducing violence and self-inflicted harm. Directed by our chief research officer, Drina Fried, Ed.D., ISHP is a research institute, while CSHPI operates as a public facing extension of the Institute for Suicide and Homicide Prevention (ISHP) dedicated to you. 

More than 49,000 people commit suicide yearly as of 2022 in the United States alone. More than the deaths that result yearly from automobile accidents. Dr. Fried’s groundbreaking research into this crisis led to the development of her program “Offensiveless Defense” plus two rules to live by. Dr. Fried trains professionals, healthcare providers and parents on how to help students, children, acquaintances, and all others from harmfully acting out or harming themselves.

This is a vital tool for educators, teachers and first responders.


Learn how to recognize the tell-tale signs of suicide and homicide ideation, and how to respond so you can save a life.  More than that, Dr. Fried provides useful expert information on how we can parent and reparent ourselves and others to break the harm in between that often leads to depression and violent choices.


Dr. Fried has developed MUST HAVE tools for empowering parents, teachers and guardians:

  • To be able to diffuse harmful situations and lift others up with hope.
  • Resolve internal and external conflicts and cope with overwhelming feelings.
  • How to talk with yourself and others you care about and that leads away from violence and self-harm.
  • Examples of what to say to transform your life for the better and the lives of others you care about. Ways to clear out past and present negative emotions of fear, anger, grief, tension, physical pain, and boredom, which is also a method to recover rational effective thinking.
Dr. Drina Fried, Ed.D. (Director) of CSHPI

(Photo Courtesy: Julie Monteiro, IPA)