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Give With Love

Compassion Center is an Industry Leading, Oregon Headquartered 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization (MSO), founded in 2001, to professionally educate, advocate and innovate on behalf of categorically complex, terminally ill and underserved citizens, improving access and affordability for the betterment of tomorrow.

While Compassion Center is known for hosting clinics, educational events and networking opportunities, today, the organization is known as a disruptive socioeconomic innovator serving the integrative healthcare space and the providers who deliver care to the more underserved populations in the U.S.

Compassion Center is overseen and managed by a group of finance, healthcare, public health and administration experts in addition to stakeholders, all coming from a variety of backgrounds, communities and specialties. The Compassion Center takes great pride in effectuating great change in a positive direction, and doing so in a manner that is both wholesome and inclusive.

Individual donations to the Compassion Center are tax-deductible.

Change Many Lives

Compassion Center is an active member of a variety of organizations. Local leaders like the Non Profit Association of Oregon, the Integrative Providers Association, the Vape Crisis Task Force, and more.

With a passion for public service, the Compassion Center is dedicated to empowering researchers, advocates, clinics & socioeconomic innovators that serve the greater good through collaboration, joint-venturing and task forces. Focusing on developing and implementing viable solutions that serve that greater good and/or the larger part of the underserved and disadvantaged populations, Compassion Center leads in their class providing a broad range of solutions and incubation services.

When we win, we all win and we celebrate it, sharing in that success with our colleagues, just as much as we celebrate and share our failures- so we may all move forward as a whole in a collective direction towards the betterment of tomorrow.

Come join us in our journey, today.

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