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Compassion Center Mission:

To help underserved populations through advancing professional education, patient advocacy and disruptive innovations that directly lead to improved access, affordability and social equity. Starting with state and federal programs intended to improve outcomes, Compassion Center seeks to provide; 1) a higher quality of life for those facing terminal and categorically complex illnesses, 2) quality, affordable access to local qualified mental-health, wellness and healthcare professionals combining mind-body-spirit with conventional and integrative therapeutics to optimize total human wholeness and wellness with one’s lifestyle, 3) social equity programs that deliver viable solutions and drive change by removing barriers that stand between poverty and prosperity, and 4) disruptively innovating solutions to some our most challenging issues in the delivery of the Continuum of Care, food security and socioeconomics. Compassion Center: The Bigger the Mission, the Bigger the Heart. 

Compassion Center achieves their core mission by managing clinics, healthcare facilities, organizations and nonprofit programs that serve underserved, categorically complex, terminally ill citizens. Assisting underserved populations in accessing various programs, advocating for patients and the professionals that serve them, the Compassion Center disruptively innovates solutions that improve access to, affordability of and understanding of, integrative healthcare so that the underserved populations in our communities can live a healthier life balancing mind-body-spirit with conventional therapeutics and everyday active lifestyles.

Compassion Center is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to professional education, advocacy and disruptive healthcare innovations that serve the underserved. Advancing community-based services for the Veterans, disabled, indigent and homeless in the communities we serve has been at the core of Compassion Center since our founding in 2001. To learn more about our history of implementing change, please visit our “About Us” page. Compassion Center directly improves the lives of those we serve by hosting clinics, education events and roundtables, as well as providing advocacy and support services to those with limited access.

Compassion Center and MSOplus are Proud to Manage These Organizations:

Center for Incubation & Findings Research
CIFR is a business development incubator and research institute dedicated to advancing science, technology and programs that empower underserved, categorically complex, terminally ill, chronically ill and indigent populations.
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Welcome to the brand new website of Compassion Center, the 501(c)(3) management services organization, professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovation incubator better known for disruptively innovating socioeconomic solutions for empowering underserved populations. We are glad you are here! Please take a moment and reacquaint yourself with us. More than just a clinic, Compassion Center is THE SOLUTION!

While the Compassion Center was once recognized as a pillar in the local community leading local patient resource centers and medical clinics, today, the Compassion Center is primarily known for operating as a medical management services organization, and delivers its various programs through a variety of channels including online (and mobile) platforms and affiliated clinics, healthcare facilities and research institutions.

Within this site, we have launched a variety of unique features that take outreach, fundraising and accountability to a whole new level with individual project tracking, automated updates and audits of both the project fundraising and outcomes. We have chosen this platform because, quite frankly, accountability, transparency and measurement of the positive impacts we intend to create are the fundamental keys to our overall success.

If you haven't had a chance to take one lately, we encourage you to take a tour of the Compassion Center today and get reacquainted with the new Compassion Center (CC) and the various programs and divisions that deliver solutions to professionals, patients and other public bodies.

Disruptive Innovation Starts On A Local Level

Got an Idea to Serve Underserved Populations? Reach out to US, today!

Working with a mission to help underserved populations through advancing professional education, patient advocacy and disruptive innovations that directly lead to improved access, affordability and social equity, all divisions all work in the same direction towards a healthier and more inclusive tomorrow.

While the Compassion Center board is mostly volunteer, the Compassion Center retains professional fiduciaries and subject-matter experts to guide and facilitate change. As such, Compassion Center has successfully effectuated measurable change for tens of thousands over 20 years, and counting.

Our Mission: Educate, Advocate and Innovate

Compassion Center is at the forefront of socioeconomic innovation combining education with healthcare, social services and mental health care, support groups, tools and resources to maximize impact and drive awareness to viable solutions.

Donations go further with Compassion Center, reaching more lives and changing more outcomes as a result. No less than 80% of every dollar taken in goes directly towards the programs while in many cases programs get over 90% of the funding.

Integrating Healthcare with Bio-diverse food supplies is the first step to restoring ultimate wellness and socioeconomic stability. CC is committed to working with different cultures to learn what barriers they face, and what foods work best to ward off dis-ease.

Looking into the future, CC is leading the pack on implementation starting with a series of community based integrative wellness centers that will be capable of sustaining communities with education, food, water, healthcare and job-training.

Our Volunteers

CC volunteers are the actual lifeblood of the organization as a whole and many of our executives still work without pay - while others take a pay cut just to be of service. We humbly thank them all and appreciate their service and commitment to the betterment of tomorrow.


Donate Now

.80 to .90 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the discovery, design, direction and implementation of the CC projects that are outlined on this website. The CC website contains a full list of all active CC projects and a progress bar indicating the current status and ground covered in reaching their goals. IF A CC PROJECT IS NOT LISTED ON THE CC WEBSITE, IT IS NOT AN APPROVED PROJECT OF CC. For international impact, please visit www.CompassionCenter.International for other projects sponsored or managed by the Compassion Center as this site only lists the projects being managed in the USA.

Help Us

There is no higher calling than service. It is true that many of CC's executives work without pay, and we are quite proud of that fact no matter how much we encourage them to accept an annual salary. It just goes to show just how much our executives love being a positive part of the change, and measuring the successes in what we do. If you are in a position to donate some time, and you have a professional skill that can be of use to the Compassion Center, its Board or CCI, in general, please don't hesitate to send us a resume or summary of the opportunity. We are always looking to expand the team with superstars.

Make A Difference Now!


Each project featured and managed by Compassion Center is tracked on an individual basis so as to ensure each project is given the full attention, accounting and transparency necessary to validate its impacts in a way that justifies the money, time and effort invested to produce results.

CCI: Victors Rescue Center

Background: Victors Rescue Center (fka Victors Homestead) is a refuge of hope established in 2011 by


GOAL : 300,000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Compassion Center Has Always Been in the Business of Compassion, Therefore, We Create It, Manage It and Deliver It, Unapologetically.

I appreciate the feeling I get supporting others.

Volunteering changed my life.

I have a true purpose beyond my worklife.

Everyone has a job, now I have a purpose, too.

I am empowering the change I want to see.

People helping people is a beautiful thing.

Time flies when you're feeling the healing.

Perfect place for professionals to heal while learning to practice.

Measuring my local impact was impactful.

Providing this service was fun and rewarding for the experience.

Putting all my efforts in the people around me.

Rewarding is an understatement, really.

Write to us for more information on how we utilize your donations.

Communication, Accountability, Transparency and Compliance are the Cornerstones of the Compassion Center


Support CC in General

100% of the donations collected on this site are used to advance the projects listed herein. Projects are executed through a variety of accounting, administrative, legal and operational policies and strict oversight for your protection.

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