Welcome to your Compassion Center

Who Compassion Center is…

Making strides in improving lives, Compassion Center has been your community go-to resource for leading edge medical cannabis education, patient advocacy, clinical evaluation, disease specific research and plant specific recommendations, since 2001.

Founded in the Springfield – Eugene metro area mid 2001, the  Compassion Center is headquartered today on the Oregon Coast in Gleneden Beach, with professional offices in Portland, Ontario and Medford, with professionally trained Providers across the country.

When time is of the essence and disease progression is advancing, every day can lead to a longer term of suffering, therefore education and diagnostics can be key to optimizing wellness and improving the quality of life for the patients we serve.

Compassion Center’s Researchers and Providers possess a deeper insight and broader understanding of the therapeutic matrix of; phytocannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid; indications as well as contra-indications, further empowering Compassion Center to co-develop programs capable of providing patients a better quality of life, expert medical cannabis navigation, and qualified medical care and supervision, as authorized by State laws. 

Compassion Center is more than just your local medical cannabis clinic. Compassion Center’s professional educators, advocates and providers are among the most experienced, educated and respected experts in the field, known for advancing the fields of medical cannabis and phytocannabinoid therapeutics.

Through a growing network of local events, conferences and media outlets: Compassion Center’s educational events (and pop-up clinics) provide the general public with advanced education on medical cannabis; policy and law, safe practices and qualified research; as well as how to use cannabis therapeutically – empowering patients, professionals and public officials with an unparalleled expertise in; medical cannabis therapeutics, State law, public healthcare policy as well as economics, statistics and professional education.


Where patients access Compassion Center today…

Community Wellness Centers and Medical Clinics.

Today, the organization operates a larger national management services organization and is available as a universal platform empowering multiple providers across the country. To schedule an appointment with a provider near you, please contact scheduling.

Compassion Center is committed to providing the communities we serve with 5-star wellness, and systematically ensures the delivery of superior care through the advancement of; education, integrated administration, research and development, clinical management and professional education;  providing patients the highest level of care. 

Research and Development, including business, protocol and model incubation, business acceleration and program implementation is conducted under the Center for Incubation & Findings Research.

Institutional Syllabus, Professional Education, Residency Program Administration, Advanced Curriculum and Specialty Certifications are conducted under the Integrated Holistic Care Institute.

Clinical Management, Billing, Coding, Compliance, Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Customer Service and Retention, Records Management and Procurement is conducted by Compassion Center Management.

Community Education, Patient Advocacy and Outreach, Legislative Action and Support as well as Clinical Access Programs are conducted through Compassion Center Wellness.



Medical Providers, Professional Researchers, Specialized Educators, Personal Wellness Coaches and Cannabinoid Navigators provide the following;


For Patients: Compassion Center’s Providers assist patients in  optimizing individualized cognitive and physical wellness – utilizing a proprietary matrix of intellectual property and expertise. Compassion Center’s Providers integrate specialty genomics, holistic therapies – including the use of medical cannabis and nutrigenomics – into the daily diet and exercise regimen to aid patients in better aligning and balancing the body into an optimal range, invigorating the senses and maximizing energy while elevating one’s overall well being to a whole new level.  

To schedule an appointment for one of our providers, please email: scheduling and someone will return your email within 24 hours.


For Providers: Compassion Center expands and empowers existing clinics, hospitals, recovery and rehabilitation centers and medical professionals a variety of positive and uplifting ways from reducing the overall cost of; education and credentialing to business operations and billing to compliance and administration; maximizing the amount of positive impact that each Provider has on the communities in which we collectively serve.

Compassion Center also manages and operates; community wellness centers, medi-spa’s and clinics, recovery centers and community pop-up events in conjunction with independent qualified specialty providers.