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Local solutions evolving towards a global-driven administration group.


Wellness focused healthcare meant to improve lives.


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Integrative Wellness Centers

Compassion Center Integrative Wellness Centers are the next generation of affordable, accessible and integrative healthcare combined with food security and community development on a local scale. Delivering specialized services focused around community revitalization and struggling populations, the Compassion Center Integrative Wellness Centers provide underserved communities with affordable access to basic integrative healthcare, social services, job and career development as well as basic legal direction, wellness coaching and food security for the betterment of all. Stronger communities lead to lower crime rates, higher employment and less public healthcare costs.


GOAL : 1,000,000.00 $

RAISED : 0 $


CCI: Jamaica

CCI: Jamaica was established as a special project between the Center for Incubation & Findings Research and Jah, Ganga and Reggae, LTD a business development and incubation firm based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The project is meant to provide those seeking a new career in the emerging medical cannabis market an education on the best practices, testing and analytics and good manufacturing processes so as to empower a fair international trade and medical tourism destination as things develop.


GOAL : 3457 $

RAISED : 0 $


CCI: Colombian Call Center

Compassion Center International (CCI) has partnered with the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) to establish and develop a call center in Colombia to serve a dual role for Compassion Center by; 1) aiding local Colombian communities with higher than normal wage jobs for call-center, virtual agent and remote bilingual positions - while 2) providing a superior call-center product to Compassion Center, its clients and other nonprofits in the United States and abroad to ensure that all community-based and non-governmental organizations have more affordable options than what are currently offered in the fundraising and customer service space.


GOAL : 35000 $

RAISED : 0 $


Disruptively Incubating The Solutions that Lead Towards a Better, More Kinder and Healthier World!

Greed has taken us a lifetime from source, Compassion can lead us back to our core and restore the losses of a thousand lifetimes. Join the Compassion Center in restoring Compassion, today, and look back and measure your change in a year.

Give to Compassion Center, Advancing an Initiative for Future Generations and Total Wellness Optimization

Compassion Center delivers a variety of services to nonprofits and other charitable services including administration, operations and executive management, in addition to managing employees' and volunteers' wellness. Staffed by a group of professionals and dedicated volunteers, Compassion Center delivers leading edge professional services through a variety of in-person, virtual, AI and cloud-based platforms to ensure the highest value for the lowest overall cost, leading to the most impactful outcomes.

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Nonprofit Support Solutions

Award winning, compassionate and knowledgeable professionals, industry leading expertise and forward thinking innovators manage legacy organizations and family office philanthropy programs that convert into a measurable impact, exponential change and positive experiences for our stakeholders and volunteers, alike.

Organizational Framework

Looking into the future, Compassion Center will share a variety of programs, processes and policies to empower the future of healthcare and socioeconomic equality. In times like these, wholeness and inclusion have never been more important. Donate one-time, monthly or each year on holiday, Compassion Center will put it to good.