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Grants, Scholarships and Fiscal Sponsorships

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The Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) provides a variety of grant resources, depending on the project, research institute and annual budget, geared towards supporting qualifying projects and organizations. While the Compassion Center is the parent organization of CIFR, the majority of CIFR’s projects, and grants, are administered and managed by their individual research institute under mutually binding agreements, resulting in an annual audit, accounting and measurement of community impact.


To apply for a grant, please send grant application to:

Scholarship application form

Compassion Center is committed to advancing professional education and retention, understanding that not all education is created equal and not all curriculum is accredited nor available everywhere. Looking through the lenses of progression, prosperity and professionalism, Compassion Center creates pathways to change that can be replicated in neighborhoods around the world. Recognizing that the digital age is the baseline, Compassion Center has begun transitioning into the digital realm to meet and serve patients while amplifying impacts. To learn more about how Compassion Center operates digitally, please email.


To apply for a scholarship, please send an application letter to:

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Do you have a great idea for a nonprofit program, or a nonprofit organization? Compassion Center can help! Providing more than just fiscal sponsorship and 501(c)(3) status coverage, the Compassion Center’s MSOplus division assists community thought leaders in bringing their inspirational ideas to life, then they help those thought-leaders cut their annual operating costs through a diverse, remote team of professional management services specialists and administrators who do the heavy lifting while the change is created.



To apply for a fiscal scholarship, please send idea application to: