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Donate To The IPAC2023NV Halloween Costume Ball

An Exclusive Event Available Only To IPAC2023NV Attendees and Guests...

Donate to the IPAC2023NV Halloween Costume Ball, taking place on October 7, 2023 in Fabulous Las Vegas. Proceeds benefit Coalition For Patient Rights (CPR) and its patient-centric initiatives to redirect healthcare. To learn more about CPR, visit: and to buy tickets, please visit:

About Coalition For Patient Rights (CPR): Coalition For Patient Rights is a bipartisan 501(c)(4) cross-country coalition of patients and healthcare providers. As a national voice for patients, CPR’s goal is to improve the health of our citizens and make a positive difference to the way health care is provided in the USA. From reenvisioning the future of health, clinical care and insurance to the ways we achieve wellness, CPR seeks to set the example and foster a future around integrative wholeness and inclusion. 

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