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Become a Volunteer

Making a difference in the local community has never been easier now that Compassion Center has provided VRC this platform. If people want to take part in the projects, they can even get tickets to participate and be a part of the action while enjoying a luxury vacation and wilderness excursion at the same time. What a fantastic memory it is!
Isiolo Project 2
Jon Rothberg, CCI - Isiolo Kenya

The best way to help to yourself is to help others

Volunteering is a perfect way to contribute without taking on a new career. In times like today, a couple hours here or there can really make a difference. Please fill out the form below to be considered for our next volunteer opportunity.

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Volunteer for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year and be the light and the positivity you wish to see

Taking the role of a volunteer to a new level, CCI programs prepare individuals for public service with a raw perspective only seen at the source. Once a CCI coordinator has assigned you to a project, the change immediately begins.

Each Year Starts A New Chapter For Compassion Center
International (CCI)

Donate, Experience or Volunteer with CCI to Experience The Immeasurable Feeling from Improving Outcomes and Lives of Countless Individuals by Implementing Solutions.

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Medical & Dental Care

Compassion Center International is a division of Compassion Center, a medical clinic and management services organization located in Oregon USA, established in June of 2001.

International Network

A member of the Integrative Providers Association, CCI is directly connected to some of the most advanced practitioners in the healthcare space, effectuating change.

Socioeconomic Solutions

From food-security to healthcare, education and socioeconomics, Compassion Center is on the forefront of developing solutions to a brighter tomorrow. Be the change.