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Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office

Operating As An Independent Extension Of:
Welcome to the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office (LCAC), an extension of Compassion Center: Office of Accountability & Transparency, dedicated to the Oversight, Management and Administration of Legislative and Congressional Advocacy and Representation Conducted on behalf of the organization and its contract-nonprofit and community-based organizations so as to ensure compliance and continuity in message delivery.

Working across party lines, the Compassion Center provides accountability and transparency in all that we do. In order to meet and maintain pace with the evolving needs of our patients, the Compassion Center established the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office. The Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office serves two roles for Compassion Center, its contract organizations and constituents. Providing for a variety of local underserved populations, the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office institutes a platform and a voice for patients and their caregivers, medical professionals included, with regard to government agencies, other healthcare providers and even landlords, consistently stepping up to ensure that the continuum of care remains uninterrupted.

Depending on the individual circumstances, the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office can align citizens with various programs, resources and even grants to redirect citizen pathways towards more-positive goals and outcomes so let it be known that the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office serves more than organizations.

Professionally, the Legislative & Congressional Advocacy Office represents: Compassion Center, Coalition for Patient Rights and Integrative Providers Association and its members, providing government relations, lobbying and advocacy services as an independent extension of Compassion Center: MSOplus, the management division.

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